About Patricia Snel

Bestselling author Patricia Snel was born and raised in the Netherlands and studied Italian Literature and Art History at the University of Leiden. After receiving her Master’s degree, she moved to Amsterdam where she studied at the (script) writing school. Patricia later worked in marketing and communications for a number of years and started various companies. She fed her passion for travel with trips throughout South America, Asia, and Africa.

Back in Amsterdam, Patricia immersed herself in the cannabis industry to write her successful debut novel, Blinded, published in May 2010. Written on the heels of Blinded, The Conspirator was published in June 2011.

Since December 2010, Patricia has lived and worked in Singapore where research inspired her to write about the tragedy of human trafficking, the topic for her third novel and bestseller The Expat, published in February 2013.The Expat has been translated into English.

Her fourth novel The hunt was published in may 2015, a gripping story about the African ivory trade. Currently she is writing on her fifth novel The violinist and the television concept Money, Masks & Monkeys with her colleague Angela Ryan. Patricia also lectures and gives writing workshops.

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